Feeling Angry? Find out what calms you.

A few years ago I was angry, in shock at what I was learning, desperate to tell others and even more angry when people didn’t want to listen to what I was saying.

I spent quite a long time in this stage – I really have no idea but possibly up to around 3-4 years. I fought and fought and fought for my voice to be heard but the harder I fought the more people switched off from what I was saying. All it produced was turmoil for those around me and, of course, myself.

I have no idea when things changed for me. Maybe it was beginning a chant – nam myoho renge kyo – was one my hubby introduced me to. It miraculously worked and I began feeling happier, more settled and more accepting of others.

And then lockdown happened and the anger arose again. The injustice – the lies, the compliance. Instead of chanting I wrote. I finished Celestia, the book I’d been writing for the last four years. A book about a planet that I wanted to live on, one that every day I aspire to create here.

I also wrote anywhere I could and connected with people on social media that felt the same way I did. Myself and Ka Zia connected properly and we both shared a passion for the same vision – a kinder and brighter world than our current one.

Writing continues to be my method of healing – though when things get really hard I know there are other things I can do if I need to.

However, what’s interesting is that I feel I am now creating the world I wrote about and I haven’t had to travel to another planet, country or even another county!

I’ve moved closer to my teenage stomping ground of Ipswich and having spent years trying to get as far away from it as possible I’m now absolutely loving it! The people, the small independent markets, the local businesses but better than that the members on Joinavision that are sharing their passions too.

Our Mondays are spent having a motivational meditation with Leyandra N Van Sertima. This week it was by the gorgeous lake of Chantry Park – an area that was/is considered pretty rough compared to the more glamorous Christchurch Park in the expensive area of town. As I sat by the lake sipping cacao I had one of those indescibably beautiful moments that will stay in my head and heart forever ?

I spotted two birds flying – one large one and one much smaller. I thought it was a bird of prey hunting a smaller one but then I realised they were playing or the bigger one was teaching the smaller one. They glided, swooped and played for about ten minutes. The scene will go into my next book as I had completely forgotten Celestian’s ability to transform into animals and that the last time Eridamus saw her son was when they flew together to the sea. He then left to spend time on Earth and has made the decision to stay with the human he falls in love with. Seeing those birds has helped release a blockage I’d been feeling for a while – unsure how to bring the characters back into book two.

Then tonight Rosie Dhoopun hosted a beautiful sound bath in a bell tent in a meadow full of wild orchids ??

I can’t think of two better things to do in a week. I’m now about to sit and write our first ‘speech’ for Joinavision. Thanks to Julie Johnson we have been offered a half hour slot at her event in Needham Market on the 16th July ??. I’ve posted the FB page below for the event ?

What the last two years has shown me is not only the power of manifestation but also how much work goes into creating the world we want to live in. It’s not easy – it’s so much easier to carry on as we were – but when I lay in the bell tent tonight wondering what the hell we were doing buying a pub that hadn’t opened it’s doors for eight years I knew, every bone in my body knew, that we’re on the right path.

Every step of our journey is challenging but if you’re in alignment with what your heart is telling you to do it makes every challenge a positive step forwards. Ka Zia has a great saying ‘You can’t grow without being uncomfortable’. That changed so much for me.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. It makes us less fearful of change and facing difficult times – when we’d usually rather retreat into ourselves.

We have to let go, all those voices that hold us back, and move forwards in creating the world we want to live in. Bizarrely, moving closer to Ipswich is helping me achieve this.

Really hope to see some of you at the event in Needham Market but I know for many here this is potentially hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from you!

A warm welcome to everyone from Australia who recently joined our page the last two days ?? – so great to have you here and well done for finding us!

We’re always looking at ways of supporting people further afield so please let us know if that’s something you’re interested in.

Night night everyone – time for me to ‘catch some zeds’ as my Dad would say!

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