Joinavision is a non-political group of people who have a vision for a brighter, kinder, more unified world.

Our shared vision is to create a new system based on empowering people with knowledge so they are able to make informed decisions on every aspect of their lives.

We envisage a world where people are free to live their lives in a way that is in harmony with nature and themselves.

This starts before we are even born by empowering the pregnant women so they have the most beautiful pregnancy they can. Then empowering the woman so they have the easiest transition to being a mum. It continues by supporting the mum and dad in the early years of the baby’s life so that all of them are thriving.

As our children move into learning we want to create an environment that suits every child individually – that includes maths and English – but the focus is on the child’s mental well-being. The child can then move onto adulthood feeling empowered by their education to find the path that was meant for them to follow.

At Joinavision we want to create a system where every age is celebrated and used to help the wider community. A system where our elder’s advice and wisdom is welcomed and listened to.

Creating a fairer society where people give back to their community is another key element to our ethos. We encourage people to support smaller independent businesses, ones where you know that your money goes into helping the environment and the local community.

Here at Joinavision we ask people to stop buying into any ‘movement’ or political party that is creating division in any way. Instead we ask people to treat each other as they would do themselves.

We are only going to achieve our vision by every single one of us getting actively involved – whatever that may look like. For some it will mean changing things at home or connecting to the right people. For others it will mean reaching out for support before things become too much to cope with. There are always people wanting to help others and it is important we make those connections to those in need.

Healing ourselves from past traumas is essential to moving forwards into a kinder, more caring world. We have the ability to create a world far more beautiful than we could have ever imagined and we are so lucky to be connecting with so many incredible people who all have the same vision.

This is the most exciting time to be alive and we are so glad you are joining us on our journey.

Thank you

The Joinavision Team xx


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