Mouth or Nose's so easy right?


Yet more and more medical professionals are starting to realise the health benefits of being a nose breathers instead of a mouth breather.

You’d think knowing how to breathe in order to keep your body in optimum health would be obvious but all this ancient knowledge has been lost from our culture.

Unless babies have been born with a medical issue, they are all nose breathers. How would they be able to breast feed if they were mouth breathers? This reflex does not kick in until they reach around 4 months old.

However, something changes when we introduce solids that means many are changing from nose to mouth.

Most of us can’t pinpoint when this happens so it’s then very hard to learn what was the trigger that created this change.

There could be a variety of things that meant this change occurred – we really don’t know but what’s important is that we learn what is contributing to their need for mouth breathing. 

Eliminating mucous forming foods is a good place to start, encouraging them to chew their food a lot more could also be beneficial. Introducing foods that are harder to chew may help too.

Another option is to buy nasal strips. A Craniosacral practitioner or an expert in allergies though might be able to advise but, as always, do your own research. The way our health system works means there is a lack of cross-referencing so if your child has a food allergy that is triggering mouth breathing they won’t be looking into allergies, they’ll be only dealing with what they have been trained in. Thi


If you are an adult and a mouth breather you can start by taping your mouth up at night using microporous medical tape. You could also buy nostril wideners to make breathing easier. 

There is plenty you can do to change yourself from being a mouth to a nose breather. Advocates swear by it – suggesting it will lengthen your life, improve your concentration, reduce the number of colds and coughs you get as well as reducing the pressure on your heart.

It’s time we learnt more about the effects our breathing has on our health.

Products that may help change from mouth to nose breathing.

Mastic Gum

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