Equine Gestalt Coach

Equine Gestalt Coach
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Hi, I partner with my horses to support trauma release, self discovery and clarity. I handhold you so that you can release that which does not serve you. What i offer is for All people of All backgrounds, you don’t even have to like horses!!

Equine gestalt coaching supports the process of self discovery and clarity by asking questions and also presenting the opportunity to really move the stuck energy around a situation, gaining new perspective and reframing of that which was holding us back enabling us to step forwards on our true path. The path home. Home to our heart and our true self. The horses bring their presence, their unconditional seeing of things how they really are, their magic. This unique type of coaching is client led, experiential and unforgettable. You will be held safely as you truly get to explore more of who you truly be. Online and inperson coaching available, immersive bespoke retreats on request.

Y Draw, Caerwych,Llandecwyn
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