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Shiatsu, polarity therapy, bodywork

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Offering treatments using a combination of techniques. Home visits available.

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese manual therapy that applies some of the principles and techniques of acupuncture, connecting with different reflex points along the Meridians in the body. These Meridians or energetic channels correspond to different vital organs and their functions, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine go beyond the anatomical.

Treatments usually last ninety minutes and you remain fully clothed. You should allow more time for a first treatment as the practitioner needs to take a detailed case history in order to develop a complete picture of your health. A Shiatsu treatment takes place on a padded futon mat at floor level, but can also take place on a specialist massage couch, depending on the client’s needs.

Ralph’s background as an acrobat, he has given him a very good knowledge of human anatomy and a good appreciation of body dynamics, being aware that the body can hold both to physical and emotional injuries. Ralph combines shiatsu with techniques from polarity therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, and reflexology. Due to his background and experience, he is able to prescribe bodywork and specific exercises to aid recovery, as well as self-help techniques to further enhance the sessions.

Ralph’s hobbies include kayaking, climbing, hiking and he still performs with his wife a comedy acrobatic show.

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