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A book which will empower you to make a local community and show you the exact steps how.

The AlterQuest Blueprint is for anyone, anywhere, who wishes to change the world – but isn’t sure where to start. Once you’ve read it you will have amazing new ideas, concepts and knowledge which will immediately allow you to take action and create a new, forward-thinking, people-powered, problem-solving, fair and equitable, sustainable community, which is able to thrive alongside (or outside) the failing old-world system! If you thought there just had to be a better way to live on this planet, this book will give you the answers you’ve been seeking. Be empowered!
Here are just some of the topics covered in The AlterQuest Blueprint:
• Learn the actual steps to create a flourishing local community.
• Simple techniques and guidelines to help you get started right away.
• Ways to seek out others who want to be part of this amazing change.
• Workable solutions which other communities have already successfully implemented so they could build their own thriving economies with increased employment; housing for all; plenty of food; community-owned electricity and water; alternative currencies and so much more… This proves it is possible!
• Read real success stories from towns and cities all over the world!
• Links, websites and other vital information to help you on this journey.
• Get invited to join people all over the globe who are already using these techniques to change our world for the better, for themselves, their families, friends and their localities. Start a conversation and become part of one enormous Global Network Think Tank.
• The AlterQuest Blueprint teaches how to shape the future of your local community so it can become part of a 21st century, ever-advancing civilization which is based on kindness and people helping people!
Be inspired by the stories of towns and cities which have already put these progressive ideas into practice and see how this has totally transformed the lives of the people there.
I hope very soon you will also be one of those people in one of those towns!

Global but I now live in Australia.
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