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Hey Everyone,
I am launching my mobile veterinary service in Chesterfield area and I would be pleased to meet you all in a friendly, hassle free setting to discuss your pets' needs and work with you towards resolving any problems they might have.
Please check out my Facebook page which has just been set up
And also my website https://vetsetgo.uk/
Looking forward to meeting you all.
Kind regards, Bori

About the service in general: I recently launched my small, independent mobile vet service to be able to help pets and their owners in those situations where a hospital setting is not a necessity, in order to reduce inflicted stress on all parties involved. Especially recently I have received a lot of feedback from owners that they were separated from their animals at the vet clinics on the excuse of social distancing and they didn't even know what was happening to their furry kids while they were waiting in their cars outside. Being a pet owner myself I would find that excruciating. Many animals are also highly stressed out just by the hospital environment itself, and separation from the owner is really the cherry on top. We don't want poorly animals to suffer any more on the top of their ailments, and when I was working as a locum at clinics that operated this way, I did not like what I saw.
I want to make the health care process rather a cooperation between the owners and me rather than me giving them instructions, and if I disappear with their animals in the building I am taking away the conversation and the transparency.

I believe most ambulatory vet jobs should be able to be carried out in a home setting and I have got a great selection of equipment and medications to make that possible. I have even acquired a portable ultrasound machine to be able to perform abdominal scans in homes and a video otoscope for ear examinations, so that owners can also see what is inside the ear canal and it also allows me to focus on different depths better.

I am very focused on problem solving and very dedicated to trying to help animals. That said, I generally tend to explain a lot, give multiple diagnostic and treatment options owners can choose from and will hardly ever perform euthanasia as a first line treatment. I only euthanize patients that we have had diagnostics and trial treatments run on, so that we can make an informed decision that putting them to sleep is indeed in their best interest. Unlike with many other mobile and regular vet services, this is really in the core of my philosophy and I do stand firmly by that, for I believe, it is an important animal welfare issue.

It is also important to note that due to the nature of my occupation there is no room for social distancing when I visit my patients in their homes, but owners will need to help with restraint and soothing of their pets for me while I work, so they have to be comfortable with being in my close vicinity, and I would like to make that clear to them before they make a booking (hence it is stated on vetsetgo.uk). Similarly, face masks are not a topic of discussion during my visits, as I feel people's mental and medical conditions, as well as their overall views on unrelated things to their pet's illness are their private matter, therefore there is no policing of face masks on my end, and I am sure this is a courtesy we mutually give each other. I also find, from the animals points of view, that some of them are very much triggered by them not being able to read facial expressions (they do not communicate verbally as we do), to the extent of being afraid of their own owner, basically negating the stress reduction I intend to achieve via a home visit.

I hope the above give a good idea of the way I work, but please do get in touch if you have any further queries.
Looking forward to meeting all of you soon, Bori

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