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Yoga and Soma breathwork (kids and adults)

Yoga and Soma breathwork (kids and adults)
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Move, relax/energise, improve your health and breathe in a rhythm with captivating music from anywhere in the world!!πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ•‰οΈπŸŽΆπŸŽ§ If you want local workshops / classes I’m based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

In these stressful times it’s more important than ever to look after yourself and destress from all the fear we have been fed! Prolonged stress, fear and even overbreathing (due to anxiety) lowers our natural immunity and predisposes us to variety of illnesses, so learning how to relax, stretch/move and breathe properly is so vital to our health! πŸ™

Soma breathwork is a unique blend of breathing techniques done with captivating music that has many amazing health benefits. This just one example of what I offer:

Soma Energised Meditation Routine is a 1-hour long workshop combining movement, chanting and breathwork all guided with uplifting music. It is designed to help participants become very efficient at using oxygen, and to build a tolerance to carbon dioxide.
Energized Meditation helps people to slow down their breathing to less than 10 breaths per minute, and encourages people to breathe through their nose more. The Energized Meditation Routine is designed to release tension from the body, boost your mood, and be a super-effective breathwork meditation.
Benefits include:
β€’ Improvement in CO2 tolerance and nitric oxide production.
β€’ Improved oxygenation of tissue cells.
β€’ Reduced tension.
β€’ Oxygen efficiency.
β€’ Improved cardiovascular health.
β€’ Better concentration and meditation.
β€’ Stimulates both hemispheres of the brain.
β€’ Stimulates neurogenesis and β€˜brain change’.

Newcastle upon Tyne,
North East of England
  • Yoga and Soma breathwork (kids and adults)


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