It’s an ingrained fear, a fear that grows because we don’t allow ourselves to talk about it.


Death – that oh so scary word the majority of us are told to fear!  We want to put a different twist on it, by educating ourselves, building our tribe and being open to a different view. By treating death as we do birth – just another part of being a human we can make it a better experience. It’s got to happen to all of us after all!

Death is part of every day life. Everything runs its cycle and returns to the earth to carry on its next journey, whether that be a flower a human or an animal.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel so secure in life that you could pass your care on to the ones that fostered life for you? To be there for them in their final days. Wouldn’t you want the same for yourself?

Instead we seem to shut this part of life away but that’s only happened in recent times. Right up until the 1940s dead relatives stayed in the home for a few days so their friends and family could come and say their goodbyes. Their body was on show so it was clear for everyone to see that transition our bodies go through once our soul has departed its vessel.

We pay strangers to care for our relatives taking away any chance for us to experience real connection. Sacred knowledge that would have been passed down, family stories from generations ago is lost because we didn’t take the time to be there for them.

These homes don’t offer a diverse life for us in our older years – is that what we really want to spend  our hard earned money on?  

We believe there is a great opportunity here – to create a strong and united support network within our circles. To have a tribe around us that can step in and help with the load then we can really start to see a difference in the way things are done. By keeping things in-house as much as possible we can see improvements for everyone, Enhanced Relationships and building empathy skills. You can ensure a higher quality of care for children and adults, financial situations could improve for everyone as all costs are shared from childcare to everyday bills and extortionate care home charges. It could also give the opportunity for parents with young children to pursue new skills and hobbies or better themselves with self care and or knowledge learning. If we can show our children there is light right up until the end of your life then when the darkness creeps in they will be better equipped to deal with it all.

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