Education is one of our main focuses. Our education system aims to ensure the child’s happiness, not their results, is the main priority. Finding their passion is key to ensuring this happens and that is what our group of educators will help your child tap into.

As parents we need to stop listening to what society tells us they need to achieve to become a ‘success’ and start listening to our children to find out what makes them happy. This doesn’t mean allowing them to play on screens all day but to encourage them to look deep inside themselves and find out what it is that makes them truly happy. Maths, English, science, history all have their place but need not be the focus of so many of their hours. Equally it is important for children to understand finances so that running their own business need not be as daunting as it sounds.

Getting outside is a massive part of our day. Unstructured play is encouraged since that is often when children find out what it is they love doing. We also want to create a system where we organise weekly or monthly field trips in the local area so that adults and children are connecting in large, sociable groups. Another area we are looking into is residential trips all around the country. Singers, artists, performers, carpenters, builders – whatever your skill we are inviting people to offer courses so people can fully immerse themselves in a skill for up to a week at a time.