A Tailor Made Adventure

We Love To Explore New Worldwide Destinations.


Travelling seems to have become far more stressful than it used to be. We can’t change your flight experience but we can help you once you get there.

We want to offer you the chance to make memories of a lifetime whilst supporting local communities.

You’ll need a VISA to get into Egypt. It costs around $25 per person but our guide will help you with that. It only takes a few minutes and can be done when you arrive at the airport.

“Many were excited to feel the depth of Egypt, and understand not only it’s rich history, but experience life like the locals. That is what I want to offer and share with others, a local, deep, and rich experience!” – Rami

This Is Our Passion

It felt terrifying leaving the UK after two years of restrictions and new regulations being introduced at airports and on flights. However, travelling to Egypt was an incredible experience for our family. Rami and Sabr welcomed us into their family home and treated as if we genuinely were family – we really feel like they are now. 

Their passion for Egypt made is realise we could create a great holiday for others on Joinavision too. We’ve worked hard at keeping costs down whilst ensuring you have some great adventures and stay in a mixture of accommodation.

All-inclusive hotels create an artificial experience which keep people away from ‘real Egypt’. Our trips ensure you see the real Egypt, learn some basic Arabic and experience family life too.

Rami will also help you learn what prices are Egyptian prices so you don’t pay over the odds for food and clothes. He’ll show you around his stunning country whilst giving you the freedom to explore on your own too.

The people are open-hearted, warm and relaxed, the culture is seeped in ancient history with the origins of farming, along the Nile, still an incredible sight to see. The restaurants are colourful and vibrant.

You really need to see Egypt to believe it.

Prices and Dates

Date 20 September to 4 October 2022

16-30 November 2022

Adults: £1475

Over 10s and students: £1100

Under 10s – £750

All flights to be sorted out by the visitor.

Please remember to let the flight company know in advance – preferably as soon as you book – whether you are exempt from wearing masks (if they are still expecting people to wear them). This is not a legal requirement and you are perfectly entitled not to wear one so long as you have messaged in advance.

The Itinerary

Fly into Cairo

My assistant will be waiting to help you get the visa to enter Egypt cost 25$ per person
Stay at Rami’s guesthouse with evening meal
Day 1
Giza pyramids with Rami and tour around local area

Evening meal

Day 2
Fly to Aswan (flight included in price) from Cairo airport
Stay at Nubian style guesthouse Relax and explore
Day 3 
Isis Temple Aswan and the Aswan dam followed by local market
Evening meal
Day 4 
Drive to Luxor
Stay at El Geziera Guest house
Lunch at Sabr’s family house
Wander around local area – advice on what to expect to pay
Day 5
Free day to explore
Day 6
Valley of the kings
Hatsupsuit Temple
Karnak Temple
Evening meal
Day 7 
Relaxing day with Sabr’s family cooking Egyptian meal
Evening meal – BBQ on remote spot along the Nile
Day 8 
3.5hr drive to Hurghada 
Stay in resort at the stunning Sahl Hashish area for three nights
All meals included
Any tours are extra and to be organised by guest with help of Rami
Day 11
Leave Hurghada with breakfast box early am
Drive to Rami’s Guesthouse, Cairo
Evening meal at Rami’s guesthouse on his rooftop terrace
Day 12 – 
A walk around Cairo and to the Egyptian museum there.
Evening meal included
Day 13 –
Free day but Rami is on hand if anyone wants an extra option
Evening – 1hr private boat ride in Cairo.
Day 14 – ready for flight home
If you need to arrive a day later or a day earlier please let us know and we will arrange a pick up and drop off for you. Extra accommodation costs will apply.
Deposit of half the cost of the holiday. 

What we Can Offer You

A holiday you’ll never forget.

You’ll be looked after as much or as little as you like. Egypt can be terrifying for some because of the language barrier but an opportunity for adventure for others. We have connected you with a team of people who will listen to your needs and adapt to them. If you want more trips we can arrange them, If you want more freedom that can be arranged too. 

If you want to do this tour but at a different time please let us know – we’re here to help in any way we can.

No Big Corp

With our adventures we do our best to ensure that all your money is directly going to benefit local families rather than large corporations.

A taste of local life

Visit Egypt through the eyes of a local.

Guide Tips

Get the best advice on where where to shop, eat, chill out have adventures and more from real people living the life.

Suitable for large or small groups

Bring your whole tribe and know they will be catered for well.

Likeminded Support

Everyone we team up with is as passionate about Joinavision as we are. They are good at what they do and you can trust you are covered.

Experienced guides

Find the best kept secret places with our guides.

Meet the guide


I come from a Bedouin family (people of the Egyptian desert). Since I was young I used to see my grandfather doing tours in the pyramids and I was always amazed by the stories he used to tell me. He used to be a tour guide for the government back in 1964. 

After he died, I had this desire of doing the same as him, and keep his legacy going. Egyptian hospitality is world known, and my family is no different. We all love to meet new people and show them our roots and traditions. Once you enter in my home, you’re no longer a stranger. You become part of the family.

To book please email us at joinavision@protonmail.com with Egypt in the title.

Great People. Amazing Trips. Beautiful Egypt.

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