Actively connecting is one of the best ways to make change and find out who you work best with. By bringing the right people together, anything can be achieved very easily.

If you can’t attend one of our events we urge you to create your own – we’re always happy to support you and get you connected to the right people.


An event for pregnant ladies

This on-line call was held  on May 2nd at 7pm to discuss building communities with Sammie Cee from the PFFA and Jessica from Joinavision.

I’ll be uploading the video asap.

Crypto Currency

Richard Hart has kindly offered to help people looking further into crytpo currency – a topic that many of us find a bit of a mind field! 

The next call is hosted by Hazel and Denis de Kloe. They are going to talk about a variety of topics on how to manage your projects. Whether you’re involved in crypto or not it’s a great opportunity to be more aware of this side of finance.

This will be recorded and uploaded to our website. Please click on the button below to join his call.

His first on-line event took place Wednesday 27th April at 3pm. He talked about why you need to learn about cryptocurrency and our poor relationship with money. For anyone who missed it please click on the date above for a leisurely listen. The second talk was on Wednesday 11th May. Please click on the date to listen to the recording.

His third talk was on security – a very overlooked topic. It aired on Wednesday 25th May 12-1pm.

On Wednesday 22nd June  Hazel and Dennis do Kloe joined Richard for a talk called, ‘How To Get a Grip on Your Finances. This talk included. amongst other things, information on essential tools for managing your money, how to gain enough funds to work in crypto and how to develop a healthy money mindset.

Click on the date to listen again.

This Wednesday he talks about Developing a Positive Wealth Consciousness. Please click on the green button to join this well needed talk.

Richard spent over 20 years in the event management business, including 14 years running his own business. Having had an interest in blockchain and crypto currency since 2017 and after seeing his income severely curtailed in 2020 due to COVID, he decided to look into this space in more depth. As a result of this, he has become an advocate for Decentralised Finance, having seen first-hand the power this has to change peoples’ lives. Richard and his wife home educate and realised that one of the biggest hurdles for people to overcome when wanting to home educate was the loss of an income. He is on a mission to try and not only help home educating parents financially, but also to help create a generation of children who are knowledgeable about this amazing technology and can leverage it themselves in order to become financially sovereign

We’re always on the look out for like-minded artists and entertainers for our future events. Please join our artists and performers FB group to keep in touch.

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