white dead nettle foraging
Wild Garlic - foraging
Ground Ivy has many health benefits

Foraging for our food not only saves us a lot of money but is also hugely beneficial to our mental health. Sadly so many of these skills we’ve lost over the years. Skills which our ancestors would have known so much about. It’s never too late to learn though!

Weeds or nutritious food?

When you look at plants in terms of food you become more knowledgeable about the nutritional benefits of plants. Wherever you are there is food all around us. What we commonly refer to as ‘weeds’ are often the most nutritional plants in our garden. When you learn about foraging you realise that what we’re pulling out of our gardens are actually what we should be cherishing.

Forager Mark

Mark has been part of Joinavision since we met at one of our camps in 2021. His knowledge of plants is extraordinary. Like most of us here the last place he wants to spend his time on is a screen but we’re also realising this is a time to connect and share our knowledge with as many people as we can. So we were very happy when he created his own Instagram page. There are plenty of foragers all around the UK of course. Mark is based in Suffolk and Shropshire but happy to travel if there’s a group of people wanting his services. Please connect with him via his website 

Getting out with Nature

We don’t need an expert to show us what is food and what isn’t though. A good collection of books is just as good. We’ve listed some of the books recommended by Joinavision members. We’ve also got a wider selection on our books page. 


Mark is sharing his tips on our YouTube account. Here are some other people we’ve found inspiring.