Joinavision Hubs

One of our visions is to create community centres or hubs so that wherever you are in the world you can visit our website and find out where to go to meet like minded people. 

You may want to visit a health practitioner, connect with home ed families or just have a drink and a chat with people from that area. 

These hubs will have an on-going relationship with us to ensure they are welcoming people from all different backgrounds, religions, races, genders and beliefs and that they do not tolerate racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination. They won’t be asking what decisions people have made, in terms of their health, to gain entry to the community centres facilities. Everyone involved in these projects will be treated with respect, compassion and understanding so we truly start building the kinder brighter society we are so keen to see.

Each hub will be completely unique. It will be down to the owner/rentor as to how they envisage what happens in their area. We are here to facilitate workshops/activities and to bring the right people to their space – it is entirely up to them what happens there. Some may have more outdoor growing space and want to create a community garden. Others will have a large studio space ideal for dancing, singing and movement workshops. The beauty of these hubs will be the variety of what is on offer giving all those involved the opportunity to grow in a kind, compassionate environment.

What we need to make these happen is space! A building, a garden, a studio, a barn – if you have a vacant space we’d love to help you fill it.

We’ll support you any way we can in bringing the right people to your place. If the space is on your land or part of your home we will be very careful to ensure the right people to your home.

Our first hub is currently being created in Wickford, Essex. This will be a place where regular home ed meetings and workshops are held. A variety of health practitioners will be there to support and advise you. 

Regular markets with local independent retailers will also be encouraged so that each hub remains unique in every way – bringing in all resources from the local area.

The options are endless. Please do email us at if you want to know more.

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