Know Your Rights

If you know your rights you can ensure you’re being treated fairly. You then feel suitable equipped to tackle different situations. Learning the law is huge and knowing where to look can feel  like a bit of a quagmire. We aim to give you access to resources so you have options to research and make decisions from sources other then the MSM.  

If something feels off or your instincts are alerting you then you’re usually not wrong. Listen to you body. Take time to step back and process, then make changes. If you feel strongly that something should not happen or needs to change then be the person to speak out. You’ll soon find there are others who feel similar and keen to support you.  

In some situations you might be made to feel like you have no options. This is often not the case – they are just hoping you don’t realise this.

The UK government imposed a moratorium on fracking in England in 2019. This was purely down to the people coming together and making a stand – to ensure this didn’t happen. They knew their rights and they used them to put a stop to this. 

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