Small Changes

Small changes

Tips for a happier and healthier life...

Avoid big brands

Avoid all big brands. If it’s made in a large factory it tends not to be the best for our bodies. Preservatives, sugar and salt have been added to increase shelf-life. These give our bodies massive sugar spikes then huge drops, causing fatigue, not long after consumption.

What is the truth and where to find it?

It’s hard to know where to start at first but essential that you do your own research. Our media treats us as if we are children that can’t be trusted to decide what is ‘fake news’. 

Censorship is becoming worse and worse with Twitter, Facebook, Google and Instagram all now heavily policing their sites. Even people posting health tips are being black-listed. 

Make sure your research isn’t funded by corporations set to benefit financially from the results of the study you are reading. The BBC isn’t just funded by its license fee. Make sure you feel comfortable with the corporations that do fund it before following its advice.

The more research you can do to decide for yourself the better.

Lastly, trust yourself and don’t take anyone’s advice until you feel sure it is right for you. 


If you are prescribed medication ask your Dr about all the side effects and how they could impact you. Look at our database of healers and see if there is another way before committing to medication. After speaking to the professionals continue to do all your own research before committing to one method.

Don't believe the hype!

The media can print what ever it want so  yet it’s mostly negative stories. Why? Sadly bad news sells better than good news. It also makes us easier to control – we buy into the idea there is someone out there to save us instead of looking inside and finding out how we save ourselves. Reading bad news over and over again traps us in a perpetual cycle of fear and ostracises us from our fellow human beings.
Put down your papers and start living in the present. It’s a gift after all! 

Turn off the television

Get outside. There is a reason it’s called what it is – to tell us a vision through means of channels and programming. Turn off all other screens by 9pm at night and restrict them to a maximum of two hours at a time. Make sure you have a couple of screen free days in the week as well. Not only are they detrimental to our mental health but too much time spent looking at screens is also causing a host of eye problems as our eyes adjust to focusing on shorter distances for long spells at a time.


It’s ok to feel sad – our brains are often at their most creative times when they are sad. Just go with it.
Reach out if you can’t lift yourself out of feeling low. You convince yourself that no one cares but that is not the case at all. 
These feelings will pass. You can help them along by contuinally working on your relationship with yourself and understanding your emotions more.


We all know how good it is to laugh. As adults we laugh much less than children. Being connected to the right people will help bring some of the child back to us. This all helps to raise our vibrations making us less susceptible to illness and, of course, depression.


Singing is a fantastic way of raising your vibrations. Whether it’s in the shower, with your children or just singing your heart out in the car the act of singing is an incredibly effective way of lifting your spirits.

Don’t be put off if people tell you you can’t sing. They don’t have to listen do they?!


Get out with nature

The most stunningly awesome creation we have access to daily. Make a den, take a moonlit walk in the woods, have a sunset BBQ dinner on the beach, climb a mountain, go foraging for tasty treats. It’s entirely free and easy to combine with life admin as well. Be spontaneous, try not to get into the habit of a nine-to-five life. There is so much that can be done away from the stereotypical things that are good for your health and your bank balance!

Find your tribe

Make new friends. We don’t have to change ourselves to fit in with those around us. There are others who will accept you for who you are – they may just be harder to find. By following your passions and interests you are more likely to connect with people on the same wavelength.

Be happy with who you are.