Our Story

Our tale,

Hi there! We're so glad to have you. Here is a little bit about how we came to be.

How it all began

Joinavision came about as a result of the first lockdown in March 2020. The speed at which the world shut down things left us all reeling and feeling incredibly isolated. Over-night people were divided from their friends and family. Those lines of division increased as tighter restrictions were imposed leaving the nation with a host of mental health issues that will take years to recover from. It was heart-breaking seeing friends unable to visit their mothers and fathers in their care homes, some saying goodbye on zoom. Suicide, abuse, depression increased and people had no idea who to turn to for help.

Joinavision was created by a small group of people in Suffolk, to ensure we never have to feel such isolation again. Firstly we set up a Facebook page, then support groups, dog walks, meditation circles. We began getting more involved in our local community. Members set up book swaps, crop swaps, a Christmas Winter Wonderland was organised. Something beautiful was starting to emerge.

Over time it has grown into something so much more. Lockdowns showed us how much needed to change. We’d become isolated from our neighbours, frustrated by our education system, disempowered by our health system and disillusioned by life in our Western world. Many of us had been searching for the country we would emigrate to but all plans of travels had ground to a halt. We were having to find ways of being happy in our own environment – something we hadn’t necessarily had to do until now.

We’ve moved on so much since 25th July 2020. Now we are looking at creating a new education system – based on the child’s happiness. We are also looking at a new health system – where people can make their own informed decisions based on all the evidence available. This is just the start.

We want people to feel empowered on every step of their journey – from birth to death. Life is an extraordinary adventure and there are many paths we can take. It’s time to connect with our inner-strength and find the best route for us while we are here.

Creating Joinavision has been the most incredible journey for everyone on the team. We have a vision of a world where kindness not money becomes the focus. Where people don’t just feel connected to others in their community but also people around the country and the world. A world where we know we are all connected by love, whatever our story. A world that supports those in need and empowers others to help.

It started off as a vision but as more and more join us, our vision is turning into reality.

Thank you so much to every single Joinavision member. We are so happy you found us.

All our love,

Jessica & Kazia