Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Paris.

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We Love To Explore New Worldwide Destinations.


Going away can be stressful enough at times, especially with the changes the world has seen over the past couple of years. By booking with us you’ll know that everyone involved cares about community, health, freedom and our lovely planet as much as you do. We can also assure you that none of your hard earned money will end up in the pockets of large corporations.

Tailormade Just For You

make it perfect

The beauty about this break is you can stay for short or long breaks. Some people may just want to pass through on their way to the seaside or city whereas others may want to use the time to fully unwind and immerse themselves in the nature that’s on the doorstep. 

This Is Our Passion

We have a huge desire to connect people with others, wherever they are in the world. Branching out into adventures/breaks away from home is one way we can support wider Joinavision communities and ensure people can speak freely wherever they are in the world.

Learn about the local area

Laura and her partner have lived in Portugal for nine years. They have a passion for sharing the area with others and wanted to open their home to Joinavision visitors. Laura speaks very good Portuguese and is on hand for any local knowledge you may require.

What's on offer

Quinta do Rio Alva, Coimbra

Five-night package (two people)

Prices include;

One yoga session by the pool
One two-hour massage 
A two-hour Portuguese lesson

Total: Between £650 and £730*

Five-night package (four people)

Between £1035 and £1,199*

One week package (two people)

Prices include:

Two yoga sessions by the pool
One two-hour massage each
A two-hour Portuguese lesson plus a two hour interactive shopping trip

Total: Between £895 and £1012*

One week package (four people)

Between £1,425 and £1,655*

Two week package (two people)

Prices include:

Four yoga sessions by the pool
Two two-hour massage each
A two-hour Portuguese lesson plus a two hour interactive shopping trip

Total: Between £1,645 and £1,875*

Two week package (four people)

Total: Between £2,700 and £3,162*

*Prices range because of the different accommodation. Please email us for the final cost.

Prices do not include flights or car hire. A car is needed for this adventure.

Optional extras: 

  • An extra four hours of massage: +£120
  • An extra yoga/meditation/relaxation session for up to four people: £40 (plus 

£5 per head for any extra person)

What We Can Offer You

A relaxing time away for all ages in a stunning part of Portugal. 

No big corp

With our adventures we do our best to ensure that all your money is directly going to benefit local families rather than large corporations.

A taste of local life

Visit Coimbra through the eyes of a local.

Guide Tips

Get the best advice on where where to shop, eat, chill out have adventures and more from real people living the life.

Likeminded Support

Everyone we team up with is as passionate about Joinavision as we are. They are good at what they do and you can trust you are in the hands of someone who wants to help you have the best break from home that you can.


We are not a travel agent and are therefore not ABTA insured. A deposit of 20% is required. Your home insurance may include travel insurance.

advanced trips

Laura can point you in the right direction of local places of interest to visit. Wether it's towns, cities, or the local nature you want to explore she is there to answer all your questions.

Meet The Host


About us

I’m Laura and in 2013 I moved to Central Portugal with my husband, Reg. We found a puppy during our first olive harvest and called her Olive. She’s still with us almost nine years later, and three years ago we added Tomo the cat to our four-legged family. There are now two chickens as well: Chicken one and Chicken two.

We came here for a simpler life. Well, you don’t always get what you want, and life isn’t always that simple, but we love it here and wouldn’t change it for anything. 

Alongside our holiday rental we run a little wholefood shop with our friend and partner, Richard. Reg does a bit of construction work and I teach yoga and write about sustainable businesses.  

We also grow fruit (well, the trees do that all by themselves) and vegetables and make our own olive oil. We’re blessed with pure air, great views and the best neighbours ever. And we’re happy to share it all with you.

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful portugal.

About the place - Coimbra

Coimbra is one of Portugal’s largest cities, but as you drive in on winding roads flanked by mountain villages you’ll be forgiven for mistaking it for a small town. 

Situated on the banks of the Mondego River, Coimbra is home to one of the world’s oldest universities. Even today you’ll see flocks of cape-wearing students on the streets. And they’re often performing music: Coimbra is a city of fado, Portugal’s traditional melancholic music.

The town centre is home to the Santa Cruz Monastery. The café next door is the perfect place to soak up historic Coimbra. But beware—order um café (a coffee) and you’ll be treated like a local and given a double espresso. Opt for a maio de lait (cappuccino) or batonado (Americano) if you’d prefer.

Coimbra gives you a real taste of Portugal without the touristy feel of Lisbon or Porto. There are plenty of winding backstreets to explore, and you won’t walk far without arriving at a café, bar or restaurant.

Visit Coimbra for a stroll around the botanical gardens, a visit to the national museum or, if you’re travelling with kids, Portugal dos Pequenitos (miniature Portugal).

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