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We’ve found ourselves in the middle of a globalist world where nearly all of our money ends up in the hands of the super-wealthy. There are some things we can’t avoid – mobile phones, apps, the internet but when we walk into a shop or buy off the internet we can choose whether to support a huge corporation or the person who made that product. 

By spending our money in the right places we cut down on large corporations, ensuring we keep creativity and uniqueness alive. In the past villages, towns and cities used to be completely unique – selling their own specialities according to that area. Now our high streets look the same wherever you go – supporting the same companies, giving your money to the same handful of people. By supporting local businesses we can start returning to a more individual way of life and help far more people thrive. It will also help our young people see there is another way than going to work for someone else. 

We are teaming up with some amazing people offering quality products and services. Our aim is to see this page grow as we connect with more producers. Every time you buy something from our website a certain amount goes into helping Joinavision grow into the large community we want to see.

Our products are carefully sourced so you can make a purchase knowing that your money will directly impact families and communities contributing to the whole.


Organic cotton – Bags and Tshirts, from a small UK run business.

Clive De Carle

Did you know, your body requires over 90 essential nutrients to perform its basic tasks and to stay healthy?

Clive de Carle has spent over twenty years researching the exceptional and effective supplements.

Bright Presence

Take charge of your health today! 

A wide range of health supplements – Immune Strength, Gut Health, Sleep, Mood, Hormones and more all from a UK based, family run business. 


Knowing the power of plants (this one in particular) we always wanted to team up with someone who knows their stuff and who is delivering a quality product. What we think is really special about cbDNA is their compassion programme for those in need. 

UK distributor and product innovator in Premium CBD Oil to retail and wholesale markets. Full lab reports available.

After being customers of CBD products and seeing what they could do for physical and mental well being 5 years ago, cbDNA was born.


No one likes to be watched or tracked — even if they have nothing to hide. That’s why it’s important you step up your privacy game. When you’re browsing through a vpn, your traffic is encrypted so no one can see what you do online.

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