Skill Sharing

The more skills we know the more empowered we feel. Imagine how much less money you’d spend if you know how to fix your own car, dishwasher or washing machine. Schools often leave out simple life skills such as changing a tyre, a fuse or a lightbulb. We’ve lost so many basic skills which all feeds into the consumerism model. If we all knew how to repair our clothes we wouldn’t have to buy as many as we currently do. 

Many people leave school with no knowledge on how to deal with their own finances. This simple lesson would help many avoid getting into debt and the stress that leads to. Here we can educate each other by sharing and swapping our skills.

More and more people are being drawn to a self-sustainable, off-grid, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Skills that we would have known many years ago, such as foraging, herbal remedies, food storage are becoming more and more relevant.

People no longer want to take pharmaceutical medicines, knowing that they come with a host of side effects and all originate from plants. Nature is an incredible medicine cabinet – we just need to learn how to use it.

Skills such as foraging, beekeeping, water purification, herbal remedies, solar paneling, food storage, wood whittling, how to make hygiene products from plants etc. are some of the skills that will be very useful to know if energy becomes very expensive or hard to come by.

We are keen for anyone who has a skill they want to share to post their ideas, videos, worksheets on our Skill Share Fb page.