Meet The Team

Joinavison is a collective mindset, without everyone contributing the group would not be where it is today. We are so thankful to everyone who has been involved. We’re so grateful for your support. We are always open to new people getting involved and to help start creating the world we want to live in. 


Co-founder of Joinavision and author of Celestia under her pen name of Jessica Ammes. Tina's passion is writing and how to use that skill to connect the people who share a similar vision. Her endless commitment to joinavision knows no end.


Co-founder of Joinavision and master of knowing what is wrong and right. A very wise head on young shoulders. She's deeply committed to achieving the world we want to see.


Behind the scenes extraordinaire! A consistent rock who shies away from nothing. Never one for attention but his behind the scenes support has got us to where Joinavision is today.


Dialogue Conversation Genius. He is amazing at making things less about you and more about others. His support, hard work and ability to listen and heal has helped guide us ever since we began.


Through her own healing journey Leyandra is now on a mission to inspire and encourage you to pursue your dreams and live a fulfilled life. Leyandra works with ancient medicines from all over the globe to bring about true deep transformation within one’s self to live your life and free yourself from a system that doesn't serve you. A true visionary of love and positivity.


A woman who knows no fear! Her humour, loyalty and ability to see the funny side of everything make her a great addition to the team. Kelly helps us on our telegram pages - doing the admin that no-one else can quite master! She's helped us as we ventured into podcasts and is now moving into informative videos for our social media platforms.


Alice is a mum of two, trained postnatal doula. Her focus is on nurturing parents during this huge transition into parenthood, with food, support and loving care. Alice has a PhD in Nutrition and Food Science, and now uses her knowledge to support and empower women by nourishing their bodies and souls with warming, comforting foods. She is a passionate advocate of respectful and positive parenting


Chris joined us in April 2021 and focuses on supporting and welcoming people on our telegram pages. He works hard at trying to keep people upbeat when the news can bog them down. Chris is passionate about ethical computing, organic food, photography and movies. A kind, caring, compassionate man who has time for anyone.


Angus is a therapist & teacher of Qi Gong, he leads people to their excellence. He's been supportive of Joinavision ever since we met and is keen to connect more people in his homeland of Scotland. He's open, honest and a very calming presence. A great person to have on our team.


Venetia's garden party in 2020 was where it all began! We saw a need to connect community-minded people passionate about creating a less-divisive world. Venetia is a healer, connector and passionate about evolving consciousness.


Stefan is a talented musician, author, performer and singer/song-writer. He connects people all over the world through his dance retreats and is embarking on new adventures to Egypt with Joinavision. He's an incredible performer and feels passionately about healing trauma through dance.


Mick has been a grounding presence from the very first time we met. He's incredibly hard working, always quick to laugh and there to lighten the mood when things get tough. His continued support for Joinavision has kept us going during many spells of self-doubt. He has a natural joie-de-vivre combined with a bit of downtrodden Brit. Now he's helping us create videos in order to get our message out to a wider audience.


Alan has been supporting us from almost the very beginning. Having worked at a very senior level with major charities is he's now showing us what help actually works and what keeps people stuck. Joinavision had no specific goal at the beginning but Alan's advice is invaluable in getting us to the next step as we research charities, community projects and co-operatives.


Carl is a singer/song-writer and is prolific in his creativity - having written over 1,000 songs. He's also keen to share his skills and knowledge with others by building their confidence with music. He has seen how music can help people with dementia and is passionate about bringing music to as many as possible.


Karen is a lady of many talents. Having worked on the wards of A&E for many years she's now on a new path of healing. Healing trauma we've held on to prevents us from moving to the next stage of our journey. Karen is a facilitator of this next step so that people can then activate their inner power.


Kay is a talented artist who sees the importance in expressing ourselves through our creations and is always looking at ways she can facilitate this with others. Art, like so much of what we do, is incredibly therapeutic but we put blockages up as to why we can't do it. Kay wants to show people how art can help and support us through difficult times in our lives and that it doesn't matter what you create - it's the creating that's important.


Louise is a Mum, Doula, Healer & Dance teacher and now a crystal jewellery maker too! She's also kind, very caring and incredibly active in Essex. She feels passionately about creating better births and supporting parents more than they currently are. A woman of many talents and an amazing zest for life.


The most important thing for Rich is to see an ending to the suffering that is prevalent in our world. He's an advocate of meditation and therapeutic work. He likes to keep a balance between evidence based medicine and personal experimentation. His own personal journey has meant researching fasting, Tai Chi and other physical modalities for health and personal protection. He also sees that overcoming our own psychological biases is a very important role in this journey.


A man with many words of wisdom! Ewout is an advocate of free speech no matter how taboo the topic. He's now involved with the Death Cafes and hosts one in his local area. A keen facilitator of discussions which can grow into a creative space is one of his many passions.
foraging friday white dead nettle

Mark Griffin

We met Mark at a local camp the year after Joinavision began. His passion and knowledge for tea using foraged plants was evident from our very first conversation. His foraging walks followed by a tea ceremony are incredibly popular and a must for anyone wanting to feel more connected to their local area.

“I am In-joy, creating, expressing playing in, through, with nature as consciousness, dancing, moving this beautiful body! My passion is foraging, tasting personally sourced wild harvested teas in ceremony and socially, traveling, sharing the knowing that I am.”


Nicola is another person who has been with us almost the very beginning. She was the first person to suggest creating another local page – her county of Essex. Her suggestion helped us have the confidence to see there was a bigger demand to connect people further afield than we had expected. We feel very lucky that nearly three years on she’s still involved and happy to be part of our team.